Be Your Best Self to Live Your Best Life.

If you only think about today,

You let others dictate your tomorrow. 

Make the present a gift you give your future self.


We're all perpetual works in progress.

Are you creating the best version of you?

What is holding you back from the life you DESERVE? 

No more

  • Excuses

  • Rationalizing

  • Bargaining

  • Priority Crises

  • Vicious Cycles

  • Lengthy meditations


 Mindset Discovery that is...



A structured, 6-8 week program that focuses on your goals and helps you get there with powerful mindset & behavior shifts.

Data Based

Easy to understand numbers which help make your progress concrete. No more vague feelings  & uncertain progress


You're too busy for workbooks, meditations, and cumbersome changes. Let's work together to simplify your life. 


Drawing from thousands of years of Shaolin wisdom, with a dash of psychology and a lot of systems thinking. Built-in.

Who is it for?

People passionate about self-improvement
People keen to practice what they preach
People wanting to be more sustainable
People who appreciate the growth mindset

How does it work?

Colorful Fireworks




Applying your goals and preferences to the Enliven framework

Get ready for a transformative 2 months!

Where Can I Learn More?


Free, Confidential,

No obligation

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