How to look at willpower differently

"I have non-existent/terrible willpower." (there is a TL;DR here for you).

Sorry, you're great but also a bloody liar (in your defense, we all are, to varying degrees. Anyone who says they aren't is...lying. Obviously).

Humans create narratives from a hilariously tiny fraction of existing information (about everything, including ourselves)- just by willing it.

Not to mention the odd phenomenon we call the placebo effect.

Here is a link for your reading pleasure. But as you may find it to be a bit lengthy, check out the 'greatest hits':

1. FQ = Freedom Quotient; a suggested scale that attempts to quantify natural, free will, or the degree to which we can generate, chose, and pursue options through an interconnected, non-linear process.

2. Openness or intellectual adventurousness will help you generate many options,

3. Fun fact: The word 'sphexish' derives from the digger wasp Sphex ichneumoneus that allegedly follows very "inflexible behavioral routines." (Etymology meets entomology, haha!).

4. "Attempting to smooth out inequalities in FQ – and to raise the FQ of everyone – should therefore be a goal of schools and social policy."

5. In some religious traditions, the will must be absolutely free to justify sending someone to heaven/hell due to their choices. "With FQ, by contrast, we can recognize that even the freest will is still limited and that everyone is ultimately a part of life's great web of causes and connections."

TL;DR - Your will is always a non-zero, finite entity. Your perception of its non-existence is just a lie you tell yourself. Stop holding yourself back through incorrect assumptions!

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